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Choice of Benefits
At Boyd we respect the differences among individuals. This extends to our belief that there is no one-size-fits-all health care plan. This has led the Company to offer all team members a choice among four different health care plans so that they can get the medical coverage that best fits their needs.

All four health plan options include pharmacy coverage, including low costs for generic prescription drugs and a mail-order program for maintenance medications.

Dental Coverage / Vision Coverage
  • No charge for preventative dental care
  • Limited deductibles and co-insurance for most dental services
  • Vision coverage provides both routine vision and primary eye care
  • Low costs for exams, glasses, frames, and contact lenses

Company-Paid Life Insurance
All team members covered by one of the Company health care plans are also covered by our Company-paid life insurance policy.

These are just some of the benefits available to Boyd team members. Apply today to find out more!

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