Boyd Style |
Success at Boyd is an ongoing, everyday commitment to our guests, our fellow team members, and our communities.

It takes everyone working with a single goal, a single vision, a single VIEW.

Value Relationships

Make an Authentic Connection

Create a Welcoming Environment
  • Greet guests in a genuine and friendly manner; with a smile and eye contact
  • Demonstrate the 10/5 Rule
  • Make an extra effort to reach out to guests you don’t know as well as you would our most frequent guests
  • Handle every guest situation with a great attitude
  • Demonstrate open body language
Know Your Guest
  • Use the guest’s name (when known), or ask if it is not known
  • Engage guests in conversation
  • Ask questions and find clues to build a connection
  • Wear your name badge and introduce yourself when appropriate
  • Ensure that the guest knows your name
Bring them Back
  • Offer a warm farewell
  • Say "thank you" and show appreciation for their business
  • Check for satisfaction and resolve any issues before the guest leaves
  • Invite the guest to return


Do the Right Thing

Take Pride
  • Follow the appearance standards
  • Keep the "house in good order"
  • Report to work on time, every time
Show Respect and Care for Everyone
  • Keep conversations professional and genuine
  • Demonstrate active listening
  • Give guests and Team Members your full attention
Be Honest
  • Communicate with sincerity and enthusiasm
  • Explain what is causing an issue rather than pretend nothing is wrong
  • Offer a genuine apology, when needed

Exceeds Expectations

Offer the Extraordinary

Personalize the Guest Experience
  • Ask what brought the guest to your property
  • Find ways to make their experience more special
  • Follow through
Go Above and Beyond
  • Seize opportunities to take action. Example: Send chicken soup to an ill guest
  • Lead the way. Example: Walk the guest to a destination rather than point to it
  • Celebrate special occasions
  • Move with purpose
Promote a Feeling of Fun
  • Be upbeat, positive, and entertaining
  • Communicate with energy and enthusiasm; when appropriate
  • Add your own "personality" to make it Boyd Style

Work Smart

Bring Your Best Every Day

Know the Answer
  • Demonstrate thorough knowledge of:
    • Your property including the physical layout, characteristics and offerings of restaurants
    • Details of promotions and events
    • Boyd
  • "Ask if you don’t know," or escort, when appropriate, the guest to someone who can help them with the answer
Own the Experience
  • Recognize opportunities for improvement and take action
  • Find a way to say "Yes"
  • Whatever the issue, find the solution
Working as a Team
  • Treat your fellow Team Members like you treat your guests
  • Encourage and support each other
  • If you have an idea to improve service let your supervisor know
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